Orientation Steps January 2023

Summer & Fall 2023 Orientation Registration will launch in March 2023! 

In the meantime, check out these other crucial Mountaineer steps: 

1. Submit your AppCard Photo.

Follow these AppCard photo instructions. Don't forget to use your AppState email to submit your photo!  Submit your photo now to make sure that your card is ready for Orientation.  Online Students who aren’t on campus to pick up their card, or any student that would like their AppCard mailed, can pay a small fee to have the card shipped.   

2. Complete online placement testing (if needed).

Review this information to determine if you need to take any online placements, including Chemistry, Calculus Readiness, Math, or Language. Complete these prior to your Orientation session.

3.  Check your Intended Major and Courses In Progress.

Check DegreeWorks to make sure we have your appropriate intended major.  Need to update your intended major?  Email era@appstate.edu, and we will update it for you.  

If you have taken any coursework at another college, you need to make sure we have it listed as "in progress".   Your high school will not send us college transfer credit.  

4. Make your Class Schedule.

  • Complete Pre-Registration Engagement Project (PERP) class registration modules.

    • Complete PREP on your myApp checklist. You must be registered for Orientation first. The project and quiz teach you how to choose and register for classes.  PREP opens May 5, 2023 and must be completed prior to your advising appointment.  When you pass the quiz at the end, you will be emailed a PIN for class registration.  PINs will not be emailed until May 8 when class registration opens for new students.  
  • Start Registering for classes.

    • Beginning May 8, 2023, students who have completed PREP by passing the quiz at the end, can begin class registration.  You must register for classes before you can sign up for an advising appointment.  Don't worry; you will have a chance to review and adjust your schedule when you meet with an advisor.  However, you should attempt to complete as much of your schedule prior to this meeting as possible. NOTE: To be considered a full-time student, you must register for at least 12 credit hours. Students are encouraged to take 15-17 credit hours each semester to stay on track for graduation.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor.

    • Once you have completed PREP and you have started registering for classes, you will be prompted via your App State email to schedule a required New Student Advising appointment with an academic advisor via Zoom to review and adjust your class schedule.  Advising meetings will happen May 8 - August 1, 2023.
    • Please note it may take 1-2 days after you start class registration to receive your email to make your advising appointment.    
      • Check your App State email daily to sign up for your advising appointment as soon as you are invited.   

6. Attend Orientation.

During your required Orientation session, you will have a chance to meet other students, learn about campus resources, and begin your educational planning process.      

7. Attend Welcome to App and Start Classes!

Welcome to App is an extension of your New Student Orientation and gives you the opportunity to get more comfortable on campus, make new friends, have fun and start weaving yourself into the fabric of student life at App State.