How will I schedule my required Advising Appointment?

All new undergraduate students are required to attend an Orientation session and have an academic advising appointment.  Here is how the process works. 

  • Complete Early Registration Advising (ERA) class registration modules.

    • Complete the ERA course on your myApp checklist. You must be registered for Orientation first. The course and quiz teach you how to choose and register for classes.  It opens on November 21, 2022, and must be completed prior to your advising appointment.  You will be sent a PIN for class registration about 15 minutes after you pass the quiz at the end of the ERA course.  
  • Start Registering for classes.

    • Beginning December 1, 2022, at noon, students who have completed ERA by passing the quiz at the end can begin class registration.  You must begin class registration before you can sign up for an advising appointment.  Don't worry; you will have a chance to review your schedule when you meet with an advisor.  However, you should attempt to complete as much of your schedule prior to this meeting as possible.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor.

    • You will be prompted to make your Zoom academic advising appointment via your App State email once you have completed ERA and you have registered for at least one class, but we strongly recommend that you register for a full schedule if possible.
      Please note it may take 1-2 days after you start class registration to receive your email to make your advising appointment.    
      • Honors College students, you will be hearing directly from your Honors College Advisors when it is time for you to make an appointment.     
      • Check your App State email daily to sign up for your advising appointment as soon as you are invited.   
  • Attend Orientation.

    • Orientation will happen separately from your Academic Advising and class registration.  During your required Orientation session, you will have a chance to meet other students, learn about campus resources, and begin your educational planning process.   Most students will attend Orientation after their advising appoinment; both are required.