Chemistry Placement Test

Chemistry Placement Test:

Students who need chemistry for their intended majors may need to take this online placement.

The purpose of this test is to determine placement in college-level general chemistry. This is NOT a chemistry test, however. This is a math test that assesses your ability to do basic algebra, rearrange equations, and solve word problems. There are 20 questions and you’ll need a non-programmable calculator.
If you need chemistry for your major, take this placement if:

  • Your SAT-Math is score is less than 550, your ACT-Math score is less than 22, or we do not have SAT/ACT scores on record for you;
  • Or you do not have credit for MAT 1020 or higher.


Go to AsULearn Projects using this link.  Login using your Appalachian username and password.  You will need to click on "Enroll Me" to self-enroll in the course.  Follow the directions to begin the exam. 

Once you have completed the exam, please allow 24-28 hours for your score to process in our student information system. You will NOT be able to register for CHE 1101 until your score processes.