Course Registration and Placement Testing

Online Advising and Placement Tests

In order for your advisor to most appropriately support you during Orientation, you must have completed all the necessary online advising and placement tests before you attend Orientation.

You will need a computer with internet access. Choose one with the fastest possible internet connection. If one is not available to you at home, you may access a computer at your school or public library.

On-Campus Placement Tests


Chemistry Placement Exam: The American Chemical Society (ACS) Toledo Test is a placement exam designed to evaluate how well a student is prepared for college-level introductory chemistry. There are 20 math questions that cover math skills up to and including college level algebra. If you are required to take the test, your advisor will let you know and you will be taking it at Orientation.


If you have previous experience in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Portuguese and do not think you belong in a beginning course, please contact one of the following: