Transfer Students

If you are transferring to Appalachian, you have probably already been through another orientation on your previous campus.  However, Appalachian is a new school for you; you are REQUIRED TO ATTEND a Transfer Orientation (unless you are a second-bachelor's degree-seeking student or a returning student to Appalachian).

At our Transfer Orientation, you'll meet with faculty members from your academic interest area, meet with an academic advisor to review your transcript(s) and ensure you have the most appropriate class schedule, and learn the ins-and-outs of our curriculum, policies, and resources.  Parents/families are invited (but not required) to attend a Parent/Family Orientation which is held on the same date(s) as the student Orientation program.  A separate Parent/Family Registration is required so we can plan appropriately.

Transfer Student Date Options (admitted for **summer or fall 2018):

  • May 25
  • May 29
  • June 8
  • July 2
  • *August 15

*Students should make every effort to attend an earlier Orientation and reserve the August session for others with exceptional circumstances.

**Students admitted for a summer term must attend Orientation prior to the start of their summer session. Students starting in Summer Session 1 will have to attend Orientation on May 25, 2018. Students starting in Summer Session 2 will be directed to register for Orientation on July 2, 2018 but can attend earlier by emailing to update your date. 

Additional Transfer Student Programming (optional)