Math Placement

Directions for Math Placement

Go to AsULearn Projects  from this link and log in using your Appalachian username and password to take the Math Placement Test.  You will need to click on "Enroll Me" to self-enroll in the course.  You are allowed to take this test only once.

Once you have completed the placement test, please allow several hours for your score to process in our student information system. You will NOT be able to register for a math class until your score processes.  

Sample Questions and Answers

Do I have to take this test?

You must take this test if you have scored less than *550 on your SAT Math test (or less than 22 on your ACT Math test).  If you are being prompted to take this test on your Enrollment Checklist, we may not have verified test scores for you.  Students have the option to download their official score report for ACT and/or SAT. These downloadable score reports may be emailed to to be added to your application.

AP Credit:  You DO NOT need to take the test if Appalachian is awarding you AP math credit.  Make sure you have sent your AP scores to Appalachian.

Transfer Credit:  You DO NOT need to take the test if Appalachian is awarding you 4-hours of college-level transfer math credits.  If Appalachian is awarding you 3-hours of college-level transfer math credits, email to determine whether you need to take the math placement test for your major.

What MAT/STT course should I take based on my score?

Use this Math Guide to help you choose your math course after taking your placement test. 

If you did not pass the Math Placement test:

  • Please pay particular attention to your math pathway based on your intended major.  
  • If you only need MAT 1010 for your intended major, you can enroll directly in MAT 1010 regardless of your placement test score.  

Technical Assistance:

If you have problems accessing the test, please contact