Chemistry Placement - Toledo Test

Toledo Test is a placement exam designed to evaluate how well a student is prepared for college-level introductory chemistry. There are 20 math questions that cover math skills up to and including college level algebra. If you are required to take the test, your advisor will let you know and you will be taking it at Orientation.  

Please read carefully below.  

Who is required to take the Toledo Test?

Take this test at Orientation if your major requires you to take CHE 1101 and CHE 1102 or if you need to take these chemistry courses as pre-requisites to a professional degree program.  

You will be exempt from the test if you scored 550 or greater on your SAT Math test (or 22 or greater on your ACT Math test) or you have transfer credit for MAT 1020 or higher.  

You are allowed to take this test only once.