Calculus Readiness Test

Directions for the Calculus Readiness Test

Go to AsULearn Projects  from this link and log in using your Appalachian username and password to take the Calculus Readiness.  You will need to click on "Enroll Me" to self-enroll in the course.  You are allowed to take this test only ONCE.

Once you have completed this placement test, please allow several hours for your score to process in our student information system. You will NOT be able to register for a math class until your score processes.  

Do I have to take this test?

This test is required if MAT 1110 (calculus) is required for your major.  You must take this test if you are planning to major in actuarial science, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, fermentation sciences, geology, mathematics, middle grades education (math concentration), or physics.  

AP Credit:  You DO NOT need to take this test if you have Calculus I (MAT 1110) AP credit.  If you are currently taking AP Calculus, you should take the Calculus Readiness Test anyway. Your AP credit will override your placement test score if you score a 3 or higher on your AP test.

Transfer Credit:  You DO NOT have to take this test if you have college transfer credit for pre-calculus (MAT 1025) or Calculus I (MAT 1110).

What MAT/STT course should I take based on my score?

Use this Math Guide (PDF, 120 KB) to help you choose your math course after taking your placement test. 

  • If your score on the Calculus Readiness Test indicates that you have answered 12 or more questions correctly, then you are advised to begin in MAT 1110.
  • If your score is less than 12, you are advised to choose from the following options:
    • Take MAT 1025
    • Purchase an ALEKS student account to complete the Prep for Calculus course ($40 for 6 weeks of access) through the link below.  Once the course is complete with 85% mastery you will be allowed to register for MAT 1110.  You will be given a certificate to print in Aleks when you reach this level and our office will be emailed.  Within one business day you will be given a permit that will allow you to register for MAT 1110.   Successful completion with a grade of 85% or better will allow you to sign up for MAT 1110.  You will be purchasing 6 weeks of access to the course.  Sign up for the ALEKS Prep for Calc Course.

Technical Assistance:

If you have problems accessing the test, please contact Nikki Crees,